Sling Clinics

When I set up as a consultant I wanted to create a range of services to reflect the range of support needs parents have. I also wanted to be able to offer options to suit a range of price options so as to be as accessible as possible. 

I set up Babywearing South West after witnessing and hearing of many parents buying slings and carriers on the internet and carrying their babies, but not always in the right carrier for them or safely. 

The online market for carriers is HUGE! They all have amazing reviews and described as the best sling!! Ranging from £5 to £100’s. Carrying can really be life changing for parents and is beneficial for both carer and baby.  However there is no ‘the best sling’ and not all of those reviews are accurate, not all slings are safe (safety testing in the UK is not compulsory for slings and carriers. That means the dyes in the fabric your baby will inevitably end up sucking may not be safe, the buckles, clasps, stitching and fabric may not be able to take the weight of your baby). Buying the well know carrier that costs £100’s does not guarantee it is going to be comfortable for you. 

Being able to support families in making that decision was where I started. Being able to demonstrate and guide families to be able to use their carrier or sling with confidence was my aim. 

What is a sling clinic?

Sling clinics are held in a range of locations across Somerset and Dorset boarder, in the heart of your communities. I choose a location/venue which is welcoming, supportive and accessible. I do what I can to support other local independent businesses. When you support an independent business you are supporting a community. By being in one location for the morning I reduce my travel expenses therefore able to offer my services at a lower cost.

So tell me more…

30 minutes one to one consultation – with the use of a pre-clinic questionnaire I know the key information so we can get straight to getting you comfortable with a carrier or sling.  These sessions are great for:-

  • support with your own carrier or sling
  • troubleshooting, fitting support or chance to chat through safety considerations. 
  • try before you buy. From talking to you I am able to offer a suggestion of carrying options that may suit your needs. You are able to try them on for comfort from a selection of slings I have in my stock.  
  • how to use your sling or carrier to support feeding (bottle and breastfeeding)

Where can you find us?

To book your slot book via the link
  • Sherborne – 1st Wednesday of the month
  • Merriott – the 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Gillingham – 2nd Thursday of the month
  • Yeovil – 3rd Thursday of the month
  • Chard – the 4th Thursday of the month
  • New venue in Cheddar coming soon!

The added bonus

supporting the wider community

Our sling clinic sessions support the wider community – but how? Well, in Yeovil we are at The Hub, which “provide support and training to empower the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism, helping each individual achieve their own personal independence, support their community and work together”. £2 of every £10 clinic booking goes to the Hub and their charity. Our Chard & Merriott clinics are run in the same buildings that Baby Sensory South Somerset hire for their sessions, we therefore do not have to pay for venue hire. To give back to the community I set a side £2 of every £10 booking which I then donate as free home consultations for the perinatal metal health team in Yeovil hospital . 

Not sure what support you need?

If you are still unsure if a sling clinic is the right support for you? Contact me kizzy@babywearingsouthwest.co.uk and we can work together to find the best fit for you. Workshops, home consultations and pop-up shops available too.

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