The What, Who and Why of Consultations

I love doing consultations!!! It is why I developed my knowledge further. It is where I get to offer full rounded support I wished I had and knew about as a new parent. It is where you get access to all of my knowledge and get my undivided attention and time.  

What is a consultation? 

Consultations are when a qualified, insured and experienced carrying consultant comes to your home at a time which suits you. They are between an hour and and hour and a half, although extra time can always we added to suit your needs. A home consultations are an opportunity to explore babywearing and carrying your little one in your own environment, families often feel this is especially beneficial when you have a newborn or want to learn back carrying with a toddler. 

One of the biggest benefits of a consultation is that we are able to explore a whole range of carrying options, techniques and possibilities at a pace suited for you and your little ones. Babywearing has so many benefits! white baby aged 5 months, smiling on a pile of woven wrapsThere are so many options of carriers, wraps, slings and ways to carry in each of them! During a consultation your consultant will observe, listen and work with you to explore the options that best suit your true needs. 

Best of all you get all my knowledge, not just slings! It is an opportunity for someone to ask how you are! To listen! If needed to answer questions about infant behaviour, peer support for infant feeding, breastfeeding positioning and latch, bottle feeding support, sign posting to resources, support with toddlerhood. All that without any judgment, no do’s and don’ts, just research based information to enable you to make your own choices. You are the expert in your family and your baby, a consultations aim is to support you and share my knowledge. 


Who is a consultation for?

Consultations are for anyone who would like to explore and find out about babywearing and carrying. At Babywearing South West we aim to support and respect all families. Our pre consult questionnaire enables you to share information that you feel may be useful for the consultant to know.

Do you or your child have a disability or medical condition which may impact carrying?

Did you know part of my training and CPD courses with school of babywearing and slingababy includes carrying in special circumstances. Having explored carrying for babies in a whole range of needs; premature, down syndrome, hip dysplasia, feeding tubes, oxygen tanks/tubes, muscle weakness and more. Also considered the carrier and their needs such as; wheelchair users, reduced mobility, sights loss and a range of invisible disabilities.

If I have not had any experience with your individual considerations. By being an active part of the carrying community I am able to gain information from others. Although I aim to hold sling clinics in accessible locations, some families prefer to have appointments at home due to reduction in noise and external factors.

“Kizzy is incredibly easy to talk to and confide in. She does not judge and worked hard to find solutions to very real everyday issues I have with my baby.”

Newborn Consult

We are a LBGTQ+ family, can we have a consultation?

Yes of course! Babywearing and Carrying has benefits for all and my support is for all. Every one of our families and lives are different which I respect. Please let me know if there is specific language or considerations that would make your support more inclusive and respectful. I do my best to be a safe space for families.

Why would you want a consultation?

There are a range of reasons people may prefer a consultation. Quality dedicated time to your specific personal needs. The option of a home consultation appeals to parents often. Leaving the house with a newborn or multiple children can be a mammoth task! You may have had a csection and unable to drive yet. Some parents experience anxiety and going out to unfamiliar places to meet someone new can feel overwhelming. Having someone come to you can reduce some of that stress.

white baby aged 5 months, smiling on a pile of woven wraps

During a consultation, whether in your home or in The Huddle, we can take things are you and your baby’s/toddler’s pace. I ensure time is allowed for feeding, changing and playing as well as exploring your carrying choices. We can talk about your parenting journey in general and answer questions or signpost you to other resources or support.

Some skills need a calm and familiar environment and longer time. Such as:

  • Newborn carrying
  • Woven wraps
  • Twins / tandem carrying
  • Back carrying
  • Trying on more than 3 carriers.

“I booked a bump-baby consultation with Kizzy and would highly recommend it…The carriers are reasonably priced and Kizzy is really knowledgeable and helpful…She has given me the confidence to babywear that I didn’t have with my first”

Bump to Baby Consult

What are you paying for?

Toddler Tula used by carrying consultant
  • A partnership: we begin a supportive, judgment free relationship which continues beyond your consultation.
  • Planning: From your pre consult questionnaire and communications I begin to plan our consultation. I plan what may best suit you and your families needs.
  • The consultation: As the consultations are in your home I check the route and plan my journey, allow for extra time to travel (consults over an hour travel time from TA5 or DT9 may incur an additional travel charge at £0.45p per mile). The wear and tear on my car and fuel for my journey. Unless agreed prior, I will not have my son with me and arrange and pay for childcare.
  • Training & Knowledge: You are paying for my knowledge, training and experience. I have trained with 2 different schools and attended regular continues professional development training courses. My knowledge and experience enables me to offer bespoke support to match your needs and learning styles.
  • Insurance: As a qualified and insured consultant I am able to support you beyond the manufacturers instructions and insured to teach you.
  • Admin: As an independent business I do all the admin work. Advertising, washing & checking carriers, sourcing up-to-date carriers, slings and wraps, answering emails and messages, carrying out all communications with you before and after your consultation to ensure you have a personalised experience.
  • On going support: When your consultation is over the support doesn’t go with it. You can send photos or a follow up video chat to check positioning or trouble shoot.

“As an antenatal and postnatal teacher, I have had many of my Daisy Mama’s go to see Kizzy. She has amazing knowledge on baby slings and is so passionate about what she does…”

Daisy Birthing Teacher

How To Book a Consultation

To book a consultation you can book via the link here or you can contact us via your preferred method. Life is busy for you and us as a family, not all of our availability may be on the website for home consultations. So if you can’t see a time that suits you please contact us with your preferred times and day.

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