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I’m a qualified Babywearing consultant trained with The School of Babywearing  and Slingababy. I started babywearing in 2015. I have experience in using Stretchy Wraps, Ringslings, Soft Structured Buckle carriers (for both front and back carry), Mai Tais (for both front and back carries), Woven Wraps (for both front and back carries) and Unbuhimo carriers. 

I love the freedom babywearing has given me. It has helped us in so many situations, the early days when baby just wants to be in your arms but you really just want to be able to eat! The days they are poorly and only cuddles will do. A tool to help with bonding with other caregivers (especially Dad, Grandparents and siblings). A really big benefit for us was the ability to walk our 3 crazy Springer spaniel dogs across the beach, over the Quantock hills, for us to be able to go over cobbled uneven streets and into small shops and cafe’s.  

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