Carrying & Parenting Services

We offer a range of parenting and carrying services. 

Finding the right sling or carrier or wrap for your family can be overwhelming. 

  • There are 100’s available online – all with the best reviews! 
  • So many different types! What is suitable for my little one?
  • You have been gifted a sling/wrap/carrier.
  • You have bought a carrier/wrap/sling but no idea how to safely carry your little one
  • Making sure you invest the £ in the right one for you and your family. 

As an experienced and qualified consultant I have the skills and experience to support you and your family to find the right carrying option for you, your family, your little one and your budget! 

With over a 100 different types of slings to try and compare (plus a wonderful community of other professionals to call on) I am confident I can find the right one for you and be able to support you in carrying your little one with confidence. 

I retail a selection of wonderful carriers suitable from newborn to toddlers. If I don’t stock it, I will support you in finding it! I can even sign post you in buying a preloved one. 


For support in choosing the right carrier and how to fit it confidently and safely a consultation at our HQ or in your home will meet your needs. Find out more about options and how to book. 

Sling Clinic

Quick fit check, try before you buy or troubleshooting. Why not book a sling clinic appointment. Find out more about options and how to book. 

We run a range of workshops to support you through your parenting journey.

Including ‘Babies:Beyond the Basics. Why babies cry and how to survive’. For those parents expecting to welcome a newbaby into their home. Whether their first or third baby. 

Toddler Calm, Calm Family workshops coming soon! 

At our HQ, The Huddle, we run a range of groups through out the week. Affordable, welcoming, informal support and play groups for all from pregnancy to 4 years. 

Childcare Provider Training

Secure attachment and positive relationships are at the heart of EYFS education. 

I offer bespoke training to suit your settings needs, age range and budget. Using my knowledge and understanding of the EYFS, as a qualified early years teacher, and carrying to support you to deliver high quality care and learning. Providing you with the tools and knowledge to keep parents, staff and Ofsted happy – all whilst meeting the children in your care’s needs.

Contact us to arrange a free online chat kizzy@babywearingsouthwest.co.uk