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Babywearing South West EYFS training in the press:

We worked with the Nursery Mangers of Tops Day Nurseries supporting the delivery of training across 31 nurseries. More about their babywearing project here

Amy Alderson, operations director of Tops, said, ‘With an increased understanding of child development, parents are increasingly using more responsive parenting approaches and babywearing has as a result become increasingly popular in the UK.

‘Whilst this supports the children’s attachments, social and emotional wellbeing, it has also resulted in an increase in young children expecting more one-on-one time or carrying within our settings. On a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio this is increasingly challenging for our colleagues.

‘We agreed that carrying in nurseries will not only support children’s development in line with the Early Years Framework, but also support the physical and mental well-being of staff. Using a sling supports the colleague and reduces stress on the body as well as enabling the staff to practically support all children whilst carrying a child.’


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