Consultations are one-to-one or small group tailor-made session where you will learn more about how to babywear safely in a carrier or sling that suits you and your families needs.


During a consultation you will

– Discover about your babywearing options

– Learn how to use a sling, carrier or wrap safely.

– Understand the benefits of babywearing for you and your child/children.

– Hints, tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your babywearing journey.


You can choose to have a consultation at your home or at one of our ‘out-and-about’ locations.



  • Silver consultation (1 hour @ £35 ).  These are perfect for trying up to 3 different carriers/slings. Learning to back carry. Exploring ring slings, meh dais or basic woven wrap front carry. Supporting you to feel confident in using your own sling or carrier.
  • Gold consultation ( 1 hour and 30 min @ £45). These are perfect for newborns, twins, tanden carrying, understanding woven wraps. An opportunity to explore all your options.
  • Bump to baby consultation (£50, 2 consultations in your home). Two consultations to support you to find the best carrier for you and to support you to carry with confidence. 30/45min home consultation during pregnancy to explore your options. 45/60min (within the first 6 weeks) once baby arrives).
  • Digital consultation (30min @ £5) perfect for troubleshooting with your existing sling/carrier via video chat.


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