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Here I’ll share some of the most common challenges during the festive period whether a parent of a newborn (coming from a mum who gave birth on xmas day I know this one well!) or an active toddler/preschooler, along with some suggestions which may help. These are from my experience as a parent and from others I have supported, there is never a right way , or the best way to deal with challenges or how to parent. These are not rules! Remember to listen to your parenting gut instinct . Only you know your child, your family situation and your journey, use those to help you do what is best for your family

I’m going to jump straight in with … Getting to grips with the emotions, thoughts and behaviours that you experience when you’re a Mum Delving deep in the real reasons for this loss of identity Exploring some effective ways you can reach out for help Perplexed by the precarious path of motherhood To your friends, family, work colleagues and other parents, it might appear as if you’re ‘doing it!’  But[…]