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Why We Started Expectant Parents Events

We prepare for birth, we are told about the lack of sleep you will have once baby is here. But as a society we do not do enough to prepare or support parents once baby arrives. Society does not support new parents, but judges them, fills them with advice and rules, phrases such “in my day…” “you’ll create a rod for your own back…”. These phrases and strong vocalised opinions, undermine parents and their parental instincts. It makes us worry we are doing it wrong! It makes us underestimate us as mammals, underestimate our gut feelings and often leads us to make parenting decisions influenced by others opinions.

I often support parents who have lost faith and confidence in their own abilities to parent their babies. Yes these tiny little, vulnerable beings, who rely on us for everything, do not come with a handbook! People have written parenting guides, but they do not factor in your personal journey, family unit, life choices, needs or wishes. Many popular parenting books are not written based on facts, evolution or research. They are written based on opinion and someone’s own personal experiences. Reading them often back up the fears of parents that they have got this all wrong and their baby is broken!

I can spend an hour of a home consultation listening to families early days experiences, more if we could. I listen, signpost, reassure and share normal infant behaviours. Parents often say to me, I wish I knew this stuff before my baby arrived! I wish we had the knowledge , information and know how to access the whole range of services out there! I wish someone had given us the information so we could have made an informed choice!

Relaxed events by South West Bumps & Beyond began

So South West Bumps & Beyond events were started. A relaxed, welcoming, friendly, accessible and judgment free environment to ask questions, chat and absorb the range of knowledge, research and support provided by passionate professionals.

A collection of businesses who’s main aim is to support parents through the hardest, most rewarding, loneliest and happiest journey they will go on. Not to just sell you their service, group or products. They will listen, tell you what they have learnt, know and their skills and how they may help you. You will have the information you need to access when or if you need it, when the time comes. We work together, if we don’t know then we won’t give you a made up answer based on our opinion. You will be signposted to someone who can help you.

The events are held in venues which support the local community, are a good meeting place for parents and accessible. Our Yeovil events are held at The Hub, a charity that provides support and training to empower the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism. They run a community cafe and scrapstore which are the perfect place to enjoy a lunch date, cake stop or just meet friends. With plenty of space for pushchairs and a children’s play area it is the place to go.

Our Next Event

Our next event is aimed at expectant parents (we welcome adopted and foster parents too) or those with little ones under 6 weeks. There will be information talks, stands, cafe and seating area to relax and absorb the information, ask questions and have an informal chat. It is being held in Yeovil on Monday 3rd February 6-8pm. Further information and tickets to be released after Christmas!

Our Next Event – details to follow shortly